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We use food grade oils and every bar of soap has not one but two exotic butters in it! Additives range from clays to spices, herbs, fruits, nuts, vegetables, flowers, seeds, roots, as well as milk, buttermilk, honey and grains. We prefer to use these ground to a fine powder to release the natural goodness of each substance into each bar adding texture as well as color of many our creations and it is non-abrasive and plumbing friendly! We prefer to use natural colorants including a variety of clays as well as oils that are infused with natural colorants such as Annatto seed, Alkanet root and Indigo root. The soaps are scented with Essential oils and good quality fragrance oils. Most scents are created like perfumes with bottom, middle and top notes from high quality single note fragrance oils and Essential oils. Many of these scents are unusual and unique and can only be found here at Stone Cottage Soapworks!