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About Us

Stone Cottage Soapworks Inc. was established in 2003. We are a growing company that focuses on handcrafted products. There are no animal by-products used in our manufacturing and we self-test all products before we sell them. We specialize in soap scents that are unusual and unique as well as bringing you some more familiar fragrances. Each soap is produced in small batches of 48 or 96 bars. The freshly made soap is cut into bars and allowed to cure for 30 to 60 days. The bars are then hand trimmed, polished and boxed and our bars weigh approximately 5.0 oz. or more dependent upon additives weight.

From our Soapmaker

 “I became interested in making soap about 18 years ago after purchasing some from a shop at Camden Lock in London. I began to research the art of soap making with the goal of not only learning how to make soap but learning how to make good soap! I developed a method of formulating soap and incorporated that method in my very first batch. I was very pleased with the results and I use that first formula along with others in production to this day!”

About our Soap

Our goal is to make a soap that is not only long lasting, but provides good lather and is mild and gentle to the skin. Understanding that the right combination of oils and butters can produce soap that is well-balanced and has all of these qualities is what helped us to achieve this goal. We use food grade oils and every bar of soap has not one but two exotic butters in it! Additives range from clays to spices, herbs, fruits, nuts, vegetables, flowers, seeds, roots, as well as milk, buttermilk, honey and grains. We prefer to use these ground to a fine powder to release the natural goodness of each substance into each bar adding texture as well as color of many our creations and it is non-abrasive and plumbing friendly! We prefer to use natural colorants including a variety of clays as well as oils that are infused with natural colorants such as Annatto seed, Alkanet root and Indigo root. The soaps are scented with Essential oils and good quality fragrance oils. Most scents are created like perfumes with bottom, middle and top notes from high quality single note fragrance oils and Essential oils. Many of these scents are unusual and unique and can only be found here at Stone Cottage Soapworks!

About our Products

We currently have over 100 varieties of soap in the store and available online and we have also introduced “Luxury” Bath Salts to our range. We are offering our luxurious “Liquid Soap” sold in pump bottles and our "Premium Shaving Cream" has been a big hit in the online Shaving communities!  We are currently working a “Shave Soap” and join our product line-up soon and a special soapbar for men and we look forward to supplying the wet-shaving community with these quality products. Check back often to see our new products!

About our Store

In early 2006 we found a cute little shop for rent in the quaint neighboring town of Frenchtown on the picturesque Delaware River and went to work painting and decorating it and getting it ready to open. Before we were able to open the Delaware River flooded its banks and 28 inches of ground water flooded the tiny shop. Still, we were determined to open and repaired, repainted and readied the store finally opening in September of 2006! We stayed there for 6 1/2 years until we found a wonderful little building in nearby Warren Glen and gave it some tender loving care renovating it into what we now call “Stone Cottage Soapworks Inc. and The Artisan Emporium”.  It is located at 638 County Road 627 in Bloomsbury, New Jersey near the intersection of Rt. 519 which heads toward Milford and Rt. 627 which goes to The Riegelsville Bridge to Pennsylvania.

We are currently open Thursday through Sunday afternoons!