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Shaving Cream Sample Pack

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 Can't decide which fragrances are right for you? Put together a sampler pack of five different scents and give each one of them a try! Sold in 0.4 oz. reusable plastic containers with lined lid!  Below is the list of the scents to help you decide!

Aloe Fresh – We begin with the fresh, clean scent of Aloe Vera then add the fresh and green sent of fields of Heather in the mist then add to it a little splash of Lavender which hides in the background to give this Aloe fragrance even more freshness from the fields of the Earth!  NEW!

Aromatic Journey -  We begin this aromatic journey with top notes of strong Lime then travel down to middle notes of Jasmine then end up on an unexpected base of Mahogany wood and ending up with Leather notes in this aromatic surprise! NEW!

Bali Isle - Bali Isle contains a base of Frankincense with resinous-balsamic undertones and the warm wood scent of Sandalwood with notes of earthy Cedarwood, Patchouli and Musk, touched with top notes of Cinnamon and Citrus on a soft a powdery base.  Lavender adds fresh and fragrant notes making Bali Isle an earthly delight!

Balsam Fir – A refreshing woodsy blend with notes from the Evergreen and Balsam Fir trees with a woody base of light cedar which is perfect for those who prefer the rugged outdoors or those who enjoy being home by a warm fireplace!

Balsam Musk and Amber – The Balsam scent of Tolu Balsam is intoxicating and highly supported by a base of Musk and middle notes of Amber help to bring out the sweet, resinous scent of Balsam making it an even deeper and lingering fragrance reminiscent of Ancient times! 

Bamboo Island – Imagine some remote tropical island with tons of fresh, green Bamboo stalks all around, Coconut shells poking out of the forest with Vanilla plant blossoms and Ginger flowering plants nearby along with Sweet Honey from the bees creating an unusual Bamboo Island fragrance!  NEW!

Basilico – Basilico begins with headnotes of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon and Lime, has a heart of Basil with the addition of spice elements like Cassia and Ginger giving it some unexpected interest and they all sit on a base of Musk and Cedarwood  creating an aromatic and handsome fragrance!  NEW!

Bayberry - I remember walking through the Bayberry bushes as a child on Cape Cod and smelling the scent of those dark little berries.  Strong, woodsy and sharp!  Perfect for warm winter nights but more perfect all year round!

Bay Lime - West Indian Bay Lime is a traditional tropical fragrance that has been used for centuries on this Caribbean Island. Here this zesty Lime Peel and aromatic Bay Leaf is combined with Clove Bud to give it a nice touch of spice!

 Bay Rum This is our version of Bay Rum cologne which was originally made in the islands of the West Indies!  It was made of Rum and the essential oil from the leaves of the West Indian Bay tree with spices like Cloves and Cinnamon being another common ingredient.  We did our best to emulate this scent for you!  NEW! 

Bel Homme – Bel Homme is a handsome man’s fragrance with a center of Sandalwood with notes of Cedarwood, Patchouli and Musk, head notes of spicy Carnation and fresh notes of Lavender with a base of Tonka Bean creating this handsome scent with warmth and freshness! NEW!

Cèdre Noir - Cèdre Noir meaning “Black Cedar” in French has the woodsy aroma of Cedarwood with a base of mysterious Musk and amorous Vanilla with spicy notes of Cinnamon and Clove and an unexpected note of Black Pepper!